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Clean Beauty Gift Guide: HAIR + Collaboration with Salon Hue

Clean Beauty Gift Guide: HAIR + Collaboration with Salon Hue

You think clean makeup and skincare is difficult to find? Try green hair products. The problem I've found, especially with hairsprays, dry shampoos, dry wax sprays, etc, is that a non-toxic hair product doesn't perform quite the way we know and love. But, I digress, because in the past couple of years, some pretty competitive natural product lines have come on the market. In collaboration with talented hairstylist + green beauty maven, Shana McLoud, at Salon Hue in Cary, North Carolina, we've cultivated our favorite all natural hair products on Part Three of this Clean Beauty Gift Guide. (As a disclaimer, certain clean hair formulas are very different from mass marketed products, so when using them for the first time, be open minded!)

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 Learn more about Salon Hue, check out their  shop , or book an appointment at their  website .

Learn more about Salon Hue, check out their shop, or book an appointment at their website.


Yarok Hair Feed Your Moisture Shampoo

Shana says, "Feed Your Moisture is great for hair that is parched from the heat coming on in your home. Because the air is so dry in Winter, it's really important to add moisture back to our hair. Feed Your Moisture keeps hair soft and supple through the cold months."

Beautycounter Daily Shampoo

A gentle shampoo for both him and her, Beautycounter's Daily Shampoo is made to purify hair without drying it out. It leaves hair feeling silky and soft with a light citrus scent. My sister-in-law and I are both big fans, because heavily scented products tend to give us a headache. As with all of Beautycounter products, a little bit goes a long way!

Yarok Hair Feed Your Ends

Much like with Feed Your Moisture, Shana recommends adding Feed Your Ends to your hair routine! It is a great addition to help fight against the cold, dry brittleness of winter air. This little bottle will definitely keep your ends feeling supple, soft during any season of the year! As a side note, less is definitely more, so use sparingly. 

Beautycounter Daily Conditioner

The perfect, lightweight conditioner to pair with Beautycounter's Daily Shampoo; this bottle of moisture aids in nourishing the hair, softening strands, and adds shine all with a delicate citrus scent. Great for him and her, too! My husband never use to condition his hair, and now he does! :)


Beautycounter Sea Salt Spray

When I began my transition to clean hair products, I was dismayed at the lack of green sea salt sprays (because, let's be honest, Davines Sea Salt spray is amazing!). I love using this spray for my curly hair during the summer months to help tame it and give it a big, bountiful feel. Of course I was excited when Beautycounter launched their very own sea salt spray! While it isn't quite the same formulation as my beloved Davines, it definitely mimics the same style for my hair -- it works as a medium hold hair spray, volumizer, and texture spray. I would recommend spraying 10-12 inches from hair, or you'll likely condense the spray in one spot making it difficult to work through! 

Yarok Hair Feed Your Style

Shana says, "Feed Your Style with extend your style and absorb moisture safely! It is a simple texturizer and dry shampoo." I personally also love using this dry shampoo powder on myself as well as my clients, especially for updos or voluminous styles! The best clean dry shampoo powder I've found to date!

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk

As a curly haired girl, moisture is more integral than ever to my hair. I often have to wash my hair daily, so that it's not too oily, which dries it out (irony, eh?). That's the reason I love this Style Milk from Shea Moisture so much. I use a quarter sized amount in my hair each morning that helps to enhance my curls, retain moisture, and protect hair against the elements (plus, my curls always look so shiny!). I'm pretty picky when it comes to my leave in conditioner or curl creams, but this one made it to my top five list!

Yarok Hair Feed Your Hold

Switching out to a natural hairspray was hard! More so hard to find a great alternative than the actual changing out of my hairspray part. It's not an aerosol spray rather just a standard spray bottle, plus it comes out more damp than typical hairsprays, but that's not to say this product doesn't do your style justice. I personally use this hairspray daily to tame frizz, set my curls, or keep fly aways/loose pieces in place. It is a medium, buildable hold, but if you use too much at the outset, once it dries, it can be difficult to work through - just an FYI! I also really love the light, healthy scent; I feel it's some kind of citrus mixed with Rosemary. My favorite thing about this spray, though? It doesn't leave me in a cloud of product. Switching to a clean hairspray also reduces chemicals in the atmosphere (it's small, incremental changes people!).


Olivia Garden Medium Round Brush

Shana says, "Every girl needs a medium round brush! I use this one from Olivia Garden at home and work."

Where are you in your green hair journey? Have you used any of these products? Are you looking to switch out your products? Anything else you recommend? Shana and I are always on the lookout for other clean alternatives for hair!

Be sure to follow Shana McLoud + Salon Hue online at their website, Instagram, or Facebook. A huge thanks to Shana for collaborating with me on this Clean Beauty Gift Guide!

(NOTE: This post does contain affiliate links which help to support this blog. We appreciate all support in advance!)

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