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The Things I'm Grateful For + GIVEAWAY!

The Things I'm Grateful For + GIVEAWAY!

As cliche as it is this time of year, I'm sharing all of the things I'm grateful for as 2017 comes to a close. Whenever I'm feeling flustered, frustrated, or downright ungrateful, I start listing to myself the things I can be truly appreciative of in my life right now. Some days I write a list, other days, I make a mental note. However you do it, cultivating gratitude in your life will never fail you. 

In no particular order: 

  • Coffee (okay, maybe that was in order.)

  • The feel of cold air on my skin when walking the dogs in the early morning

  • Autumn light streaming through my dining room

  • Dog stretches and yawns

  • House plants that bring natural beauty indoors + keep the air clean

  • A husband who is willing to sacrifice for our family

  • Baked Goods 

  • Opportunity

  • Owning our own home

  • The sound of chickens crowing, cows mooing, and donkeys braying outside our house at anytime of day

  • Friendly, kind neighbors

  • Literature - Fiction and Non Fiction

  • Community of supportive, empowering girl boss friends

  • Rest

  • A clean, organized house

  • Sharing my thoughts

  • Writing

  • Practicing Yoga

  • Breathing

  • Adventures

  • Experiences

  • Travel

  • Entertaining

  • Making scrumptious food

  • Sharing meals with others

  • Eating scrumptious food

  • Bubbly, always

  • Durable running shoes

  • State parks

  • Instagram

  • Cheeky holiday cards

  • Scarves

  • Non Toxic Nail Polish

  • My Mother

  • My Stepfather

  • Comfort

  • The sparkle of stars on a clear, cold night

  • Capturing moments in time through photographs

  • Technology

  • Essential oils

  • A cute essential oil diffuser

  • Sox + Lucy

  • Family 

  • Sappy Christmas movies

  • Laughter around a dining room table

  • Moments of spontaneity

  • Cool, overcast days

  • The mail

  • The feel of working at a coffee shop

  • Music

  • Getting out of my comfort zone

  • Dave Ramsey (see Giveaway below!)

  • Dramatic, thought provoking films

  • Being multi-passionate

  • Learning

  • The astonishing beauty of nature

  • Sleeping in

  • True Crime

  • Food truck rodeos

  • Happy as a thirty year old

  • Inspirational Podcasts

  • Michael

  • Plumbing

  • Lipstick

  • Potato Chips

  • Living debt free

  • Bonfires

  • And many more people and moments I have yet to list. 

And as an act of gratitude, I wanted to gift one reader a set of the books that have helped dramatically change my husband and I's lives! These include the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey and Retire Inspired by Chris Hogan. Moving into a new year is a great time to move towards a debt free lifestyle and start thinking about retirement. To enter, you'll need to head to my Instagram page, like my 'Gratitude' post, and comment as to why you want to win! (You'll get an additional entry if you tag a friend who use some encouragement and inspiration in her life!) Winner will be announced on Monday, November 27th at 10 AM. 

Dave Ramsey The Total Money Makeover
Chris Hogan Retire Inspired

So, tell me, what are you grateful for this year?

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