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November '17 Reflections

November '17 Reflections

November FLEW by, you guys. 

The first half of the month was filled with makeup gigs, hanging out with friends, and working on new business projects!

After the last few weeks and getting through one holiday, I feel like I'm in a really good place. Now that Joanne Maye Beauty is coming to an official close (with two bookings left in December as of now!), my brain and my calendar both have freed up to pursue other things.

When I first announced closing the business there was a feeling of dread and anxiousness for how I was going to get through the last seven months of business. I simply didn't want to put on a good face anymore, but, as adults should, I persevered. For awhile there, and I'm sure you know this if you've read my my reflections from September or October, I was juggling many different projects and often would get overwhelmed. 

As my workload on one business has ceased, I've diverted that energy to this blog and the opening of my pet care business, Canines + Felines North Carolina.

I guess my takeaway for this month would be to know that if you are in a season that's hectic or chaotic, just keep your head up. That season will not last forever. Eventually, you will get back to a state of homeostasis where you can pursue your health, your goals, and your relationships. And in the spirit of that, I give you one of my favorite songs for when I need a little reminder to keep my head up. 

Lastly, here are some things I'm celebrating + loving this month:

1. I hosted very first family Thanksgiving at my house with lots of laughs, table decor, and champagne! Everyone raved about how much fun they had.
2. My friend, Bethany and I, had our noses pierced. Bethany's friend, Lindsay, got hers done also! So, yay for nose piercings and new, adventurous friends.
3. The blog has continued to reach more than four hundred unique visitors each month! Thank you, thank you! *praise hands* 
4. I officially launched my Society6 shop featuring accessories to help keep you encouraged and inspired all while looking and feeling chic, classy, and fabulous.
5. With the opening of my newest business outside of the blog, Canines + Felines North Carolina, I also wanted to find a way to give back to the community. And the animal lover community of Somepawdy Loves You! was created. Not to mention, if you shop at my Somepawdy Loves You! shop, 15% is donated to rescues and shelters local to North Carolina! It's a win-win.
6. The Beauty Proof released 59 Ways To Conquer Green Beauty, which is an amazing reminder for why I continue to use cleaner, safer products, but also, a really easy guide for individuals that want to move in that direction.
7. I started a really fun, hilarious book club. If you're into books, wine, and meeting new ladies, you should definitely join
8. I baked my very first Pumpkin pie, and it was quite literally one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten. You should check out the recipe here. The only change I made was using 1/4 less sugar, so it would be more full of spice than sweet. It didn't last very long. ;-)
9. I curated for you my three part Clean Beauty Gift Guide full of non toxic goodness for beauty lovers. If you missed it, you can view each post featuring Makeup, Skincare, and Haircare (and a great collaboration with the wonderful Shana of Salon Hue in Cary, North Carolina!)! I hope that helps your holiday shopping. ;-)

As an aside, I've decided to take the month of December off from blogging. I want to be more present with family and friends as well as work on content for the New Year. Of course, you can still check out what I'm up to on Instagram and get sneak peeks of what's to come. 

As always, dear readers, thanks for checking out this post. Thanks for always supporting me. And thanks for just being you! Now, I have to know, how was your Thanksgiving? Did you have an eventful November like I did?

No matter how you celebrate, I wish you all the happiest of holidays. xx

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