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Jo's Daily Self-Care Suggestions for Women: Part One

Jo's Daily Self-Care Suggestions for Women: Part One

Now, before you roll your eyes at me at another self-care post, let me say that I have been one of the biggest offenders!

I work in the industry of beauty, friends, and I have fallen short of self-care practices even as I tout to clients to drink more water, get more sleep, relax, etc. This post is not only a little pick-me-up for you, but more importantly, is a reminder to me of why self-care is vital in our ever hurried lives.

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Let us first define what self-care is.

Per the Live Happier Blog, self care is identified as "engaging in activities and behaviors that have a positive effect on your mental and physical health."

Sounds really easy, right? It may be for some, but for me, definitely not the case. Whether it's not having enough time, the vicious cycle of well-I-didn't-workout-today-so-I-guess-I'll-eat-my-feelings-and-try-again-tomorrow, feeling inadequate, or simply being too tired, loving thyself doesn't come second nature.

But, that doesn't mean it's too late.

A few weeks ago, when I decided to start this whole inspirational blogging journey, I wanted to instill minor changes in my daily routine in the effort to practice being a healthier, happier me. Some days it's harder than others certainly; however, it's the minor, incremental changes we make that turn into larger, more effective, and healthier habits.  

In addition to that, don't feel like you have to do it all at once. Instill one new practice, then as you get the hang of that, another, then another. Eventually, it will all become habitual and you will feel all the better, more joyful, energized, and glad for it.

When you serve yourself well, you can serve others the same way.

Without further ado, here are my personal self-care suggestions that I find have worked really well for me:


1.  Have a love affair with music. At any moment, I am either listening to a podcast or music. I'm still surprised when people tell me they don't have or use Spotify or Pandora. For a minimal fee each month, I have access to millions of songs, where I can curate my own playlists for my vinyasa, lifting my mood, having a dance party at home, or hosting a dinner party. I enjoy that so many moods, experiences, and music I've never heard before are right at my fingertips. 

2. Start a journal. Journaling has been a thing for awhile, especially with the obsession with the Bullet journal, but it's only recently that I've incorporated it into my routine. I don't get super savvy with it, I just simply write down the date, any thoughts that pop into my head for five minutes, and that's that. I find that it allows me to express feelings, observations, and clear my mind, and eventually, reflect on my growth.


3. Read something. Have you read my intro post (no pun intended!)? Then you know I'm a voracious reader. I, actually, used to get into trouble as a teen when I'd stay up super late to finish the most recent Harry Potter book. Dorky, I know. Reading is a great way to stimulate the mind, be entertained, expand your vocabulary, and improve communication. I'm currently reading The Best Advice I Ever Got: Lessons from Extraordinary Lives by Katie Couric and Bossypants by Tina Fey. (What are your current favorite reads!?)

4. Meditate. Never in my life would I ever thought I would say the words, "I meditate." Apps like Headspace make meditating accessible to even novice individuals such as myself. Starting with a few minutes a day, meditating helps you to calm the mind, respond better to difficult situations, and gift yourself a few minutes of stillness during a crazy day. If a monthly subscription isn't budget friendly, Youtube also has many great, guided meditations. 

5. Learn a new skill. Raleigh has these amazing pop up classes from company, Skillpop. Each month they offer new classes in areas such as makeup artistry (taught by me, obviously!), handlettering, craft cocktails, watercolor florals, blogging basics, etc., among dozens of others. Learning something new is exciting for the mind, but can be a relaxing hobby, too, where we can simply be and create. 

6. Nap. Rest is the ultimate self-care ritual. Some days we are fatigued for no reason, and it's at those times our body is telling us, we need to rest. A thirty minute power nap is the perfect thing to refresh me during a mid-day slump (it's almost better than coffee!).

Well, friends, that concludes my self-care suggestions for the mind. Stay tuned for Jo's Daily Self-Care Suggestions for Women: Part Two on the blog tomorrow featuring tips for the body and some of my favorite self-care products! 

PS. What do you love to do to nourish your mind? Are one of these self-care suggestions a favorite of yours also? I'd love to know!







Jo's Daily Self-Care Suggestions for Women: Part Two

Jo's Daily Self-Care Suggestions for Women: Part Two

#womenwhoinspire: Samantha Ray with LULA Hair + Makeup

#womenwhoinspire: Samantha Ray with LULA Hair + Makeup