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Reflecting on August 2017 + First Month with the New Blog!

Reflecting on August 2017 + First Month with the New Blog!

And so, the first month of the new joannemaye.com blog has come to a close. 

Today, I want to reflect on my journey, which is why this whole blog came to light in the first place, and share what I learned the past thirty days.

Are you ready for this? Starting over isn't for the faint of heart.

I feel extremely misplaced. I'm a sometimes-makeup artist-inspirational blogger-who-moonlights-as-a-server-at-night. I am, quite literally, all over the place. 

Of course, the month started with gusto, but as my schedule became more exhaustive with work due to a number of factors, the less time I had to focus on writing, self-care, health, goals, family, and friends, the crankier I became. 

But, when I am feeling that way, I have to pause and tell myself: This is temporary. 

Things will settle down. Being in a transitional period means having a lot to take on all at once, especially if you are starting a new job or side hustle, on top of your already demanding schedule. I just have to keep those words in my head, and I know the things I do today are to create a more meaningful, purposeful life tomorrow. Stick it through, dear reader!

As a reminder for myself, I've compiled a list of things to work on for September:

1. Build my content calendar further out in advance with back up content in case life gets busy.
2. Gift myself grace. Some days we are tired or off for some reason. It's okay to not be 100% all the time, and it's even more okay to rest.
3. Stop overthinking things, and worrying doesn't help at all. Things will be as they will be.

In other news, here a few more things that happened this month:

1. Celebrated my 30th birthday at Caffe Luna with my family. 
2. We had family in town from Florida, Texas, and Virginia all throughout the month, which made for a lot of running around and family time.
3. Started meditating with Headspace. One of the best things I've ever done. 
4. My husband got offered a great new job in the South Pacific (more on that to come!).
5. Published for my makeup work on Chic Vintage Brides and Style Me Pretty this month.
6. Took a great Instagram class via Bold + Pop and Skillpop. 
7. Had more than 370 unique visitors to the blog with almost 800 hundred page views! A way better turnout than I ever expected for the first month. Thanks for reading! 

What are you looking forward to in the month of September? What did you learn in August? What other content would you like to see me feature? I'd love to hear any of your answers in the comments below! :)

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