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Bridal Beauty Prep Guide

Bridal Beauty Prep Guide

One of the most asked questions I receive from my clients is: "Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my consultation?" The answer is absolutely! 

(The consultation, by the way, is a meeting prior to the wedding day to 'try on' the bride's makeup and hair to see how it will look with her features, accessories, and dress.)

Most ladies, at least in my client base, are novices when it comes to their own makeup; hence, having their makeup done for their wedding day becomes the first or one of the few times they've ever had it done. As an artist, it is my duty to educate and prepare my client to have the best makeup experience possible. 

That is where the Bridal Beauty Prep Guide comes in. These guidelines will serve you well prior to your trial run as well as before the wedding day itself.

1. Hydrate. If you stop reading here, heed this one tip. Months leading up to the wedding are an extremely busy and stressful time for most ladies. If all you do is increase your water intake, it will help to flush out toxins, improve skin complexion, reduce fatigue, improve energy, among many other wonderful things for the body. With radiant healthy skin, your makeup application will be flawless as well as long lasting (and you'll look great without makeup on the honeymoon, too!)

2. Eat Your Fruit and Veggies. Much like the first recommendation, a healthy diet allows the skin to fight against sun damage and free radicals that age our epidermis. Do your skin a service by incorporating a green smoothie into your day, adding a side salad at lunch, or selecting an apple for a snack instead of chocolate. 

3. Choose makeup + hair images that reflect your features. One of the most important tips for preparing for your wedding consultation is to be conscientious of the styled images you choose to share with your artist. Remember, most 'pins' (yes, I'm talking to you, Pinterest!) reflect heavier, bolder makeup, photoshop, perfect lighting, hair extensions, and/or side angles only. Look at the model's eye color, hair color, face shape, hair length, etc. If they don't match your features, likely the makeup and hair will reflect very differently on you! Additionally to that, if you are opting for a more stylized, glam feel, be sure to invest in the appropriate tools to achieve the look with your hired artist(s) styling the hair and providing the makeup application.
(i.e. Tools being: hair extensions, spray tan, teeth whitening, lash extensions, airbrush makeup, fake nails, etc.)

Check out my friend Sam's makeup board -- this gives you great examples of more natural + glam versions of special event makeup for all skin types, face shapes, and eye colors!

3. Wash your hair. This one can go either way. If you know your hair well, and you know that you can get away with sleeping on it overnight and it won't be too oily, great! I personally prefer freshly washed tresses while adding in the amount of product I need to achieve a great style. (Give me all the dry shampoo, pretty please!) When in doubt, opt to wash and dry fully to be ready for styling.

4. Have clean, dry skin. A fresh face makes for a happy makeup artist. There is nothing more difficult than trying to remove last night's rehearsal dinner makeup on a tired bride. Washed skin makes my job a lot easier, absorbs less time out of the service with more time to pamper you, and is pretty much a blank canvas we use to make you look the most beautiful on your big day!

5. Have all of your waxing done well in advance of either appointment. While I prefer threading, a lot of women still have their face and brows waxed. Waxing removes the top layer of skin, so no makeup of any kind while adhere to the surface where the skin has been removed. If you go at least five to six days prior to the big event, this gives the skin time to heal, redness to fade, and the brow time to fill in, so it doesn't look too overdone. P.S. Your artist can always remove any pesky strays that appear between your waxing appointment and the wedding day.


6. Stay away from anything new the week of the wedding! Yes, that means don't decide to spray tan the day before the wedding, don't opt to try a new bronzing lotion the night before, cancel the appointment for your first ever glycolic facial, and most importantly, don't switch your makeup, skincare, or haircare products the week of the wedding. Any new service or product should be tried and tested weeks before walking down the aisle. This prevents allergic reactions, oopsies, and surprises the day of! Trust me, you'll definitely thank me for this one.

7. Talk with your artist to see if you need a trim or fresh color before the big day. Upon meeting for the trial run, I always like to have a conversation with my brides about their hair. If the hair is healthy and styles well, I suggest a light trim or no trim at all; however, if the ends are dry, knotted, or broken, I'll tell them to cut a few inches off to prevent any difficulty in styling for the wedding day. Refreshing color is always a good idea a week or two before the wedding as long as you stick to your preferred stylist with the same or similar color you usually go for. (Again, don't try to bleach your hair just a few days before the big day! If you've never done it, you don't know what you're going to get!)

10. Have your hair accessories close by. Sometimes this isn't an option if a bride selects a fresh flower crown or flowers for the hair, but trying out your pins, clips, or combs during the trial run is incredibly helpful! Sometimes accessories end up being off color, too large, or not quite what you were thinking, so it gives a bride time to choose something else.

11. Buy your touch up products. For my clients, I provide a touch up lipstick (like this one from Burt's Bees!), but if keeping your makeup fresh is immensely important to you on the wedding day, opting to purchase a setting powder, blotting sheets, and any other necessary touch up products is a great idea (especially if you choose to get married in one of the hottest months of the year, like I did!). Your artist will be more than happy to give you a list of products post-consultation that you can buy online or in-store. 

Overall, these suggestions are a simple guideline to help you feel most at ease when it comes to your wedding beauty all the way from before you meet your artist to the big day. I'd love to hear what your favorite tidbit was?! If you're another makeup artist, is there anything you'd elect to add to this list for brides? Share your commentary below!

Post photo by Forage + Film.

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