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September 2017 Reflections

September 2017 Reflections

And another month in the year of 2017 has come to a close! 

Where did the time go? Although, I can say this month wasn't as physically difficult as August was, it was way more emotionally trying. Many days I made to-do lists, woke up with a fervor, and then fizzled out with fatigue by noon. 

Metamorphoses are exhausting; but back to my August reflection, I'm giving myself grace and time to rest. Not everything has to be done all at once. Progress doesn't happen overnight, it is a measured calculation of making small improvements each day.

Makes starting over sound way better, right?

So, that's my takeaway for September. Don't let all the things inundate my energy. Worry about one major task at a time, eliminate distractions, and shirk off the things that waste time!

Hopefully, October will bring much more energy, good news, and joyous feelings.

Below are some other interesting things that happened in September:

1. I added 'Television' to my list of makeup accolades! My makeup work will be seen on Designing Spaces coming in October. The pretty lady to the right is none other than the beautiful + talented TV Host, Amy Simon.

2. My little family had our Christmas card photoshoot by my dear friend, Sara Coffin (see my new headshot to the right, too!). It was absolute hilarity, but we definitely got a few great candid shots. Michael hates taking photos, but I think they are truly an important part of our lives and our memories.

3.  My second oldest niece turned double digits! I'm over the moon that I was able to celebrate with her in Virginia whilst simultaneously still proving to be able to beat all of my nieces in any sporty endeavor (excuse me, while I go ice my back! LOL)

4. We stole away to our favorite place in the mountains, Bryson City. We had intended to go camping, but a ton of new camping equipment wasn't in the budget, so a Carolina Mountain Vacation Cabin it is (though, I'm really upset about the hot tub, seclusion, and outdoor fireplace, y'all!).

5. I began organizing a Facebook Group called the Raleigh #bossbabe Bi-Weekly Workflow Coffee Dates. While the name leaves something to be desired, it is exactly what it says! I look forward to seeing how this group changes/grows in the coming months. I've been looking for something like this for awhile, and thought, well, why don't I create it? If you're a local freelancer, entrepreneur, or #girlboss, I'd love to have you be a part of the group. There are no dues, no commitments, just professional ladies getting together to lift one another up!

6. I gained an accountability partner in business! One of my previous clients reached out to me seeing how we are both in similar places in our lives and thought we could help keep each other motivated and on track. It's made such an impact in my life already! Thanks, Alena!

7. On the 21st, I achieved my first Instagram Live focusing on helping people beat their pesky makeup issues. Going live is scary, you can't do it over, add a filter, edit it, what have you, but I did it, and it turned out better than expected (plus, I got rave responses from several people!)

How was your September? Did anything exciting happen? Did you make any major changes? 

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Jo's Favorites October 2017

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